Launched, a technology-enabled soil health card portal

MittiDoctor.Com is a BASIX initiative for technology enabled soil health card through rural entrepreneurs such as VLEs, BCs, FPOs, and FPCs etc. The portal generates soil testing reports based on results obtained from soil testing kit. It aims to create a rich national level database with granular level data for crop, farming season, soil type, irrigation source, farmer, farm/village etc. The soil health cards carry crop-wise recommendation of fertilizers and nutrients required for individual farm to help increase yield in optimal and cost effective way.

Key Features

  • Easy and User Friendly portal designs
  • Flexible options to add Nutrient Matrix/Configuration
  • Database of Farmers, Soil Samples, Soil Results etc.
  • Multi Company, Multi outlet provisions.
  • E-Wallet enabled transactions
  • Print copy of soil fertility status and fertilizer recommendation as a pdf document on a soil health card.
  • SMS alert to the farmer after soil test report gets generated